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Hospital bags

on September 16, 2012

I have had my hospital bags packed for a while now but since I have spent last week in there and the doctor told Andrew to bring it in, everything needed washing.  So the washer is on at the moment and my bag is in the process of being packed again.  This is what it has in it so far:

2 nursing nightshirts

2 pairs of socks

1 pair of slipper socks

1 dark towel

1 wash bag which has a shampoo, travel wash, tooth brush, tooth paste, a pack of baby wipes, peppermint leg spray, a nipple cream.  I have also included 10 pairs of disposable underwear, a pack of maternity towels and 6 sets of breast pads.

I still have to put back in, my change of clothes (which will be a comfy pair of leggings and tee-shirt), some pyjama’s and a few other bits…

I do have a puzzle book, pair of headphones and a little stitching kit for the down time that there seems to be so much of in hospital.  Is there anything else you can recommend to include?  Can you tell that I don’t trust the hospital and not sure whether I might end up staying in again today or tomorrow so I thought I would best make sure I was prepared again.

The baby’s bag is still packed and I haven’t had to change anything in there so that can just be collected by Andrew as needed.


2 responses to “Hospital bags

  1. A book to read, or ereader. Oh and your menthol cream as the itching doesn’t stop straight away.

    • kirstyross85 says:

      I keep my kindle in my handbag at all times so always have a book 🙂 menthol cream is coming with me as a just in case. I doubt they will keep me in today, it will be more likely tomorrow aftermy scan and blood tests come back…

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