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32 weeks today!

on September 13, 2012

Well today has been nearly as eventful, if not more, than the past 3 put together!  As the title says, I am 32 weeks today leaving just 8 weeks until my estimated due date.  It would seem though, that I am not going to make that date at all.

I already explained in last nights post that the doctor has given me the steroid injections in case of early arrival and told me it is unlikely that he will let me go past 34 weeks due to my health issues.  I have obstetric cholestasis and acute fatty liver of pregnancy.  The first is caused by high amounts of bile acid draining straight into my blood stream – which considering I don’t have a gall bladder to store the bile acid in anymore makes sense.  It is this that causes the itching under the skin of my hands and feet, apparently it is due to the amount of veins close to the skin.  The second I don’t know very much about.  I know that women are either genetically predisposed to it and it is rare.  I know if left untreated it can cause jaundice and liver disease which is potentially fatal if not spotted and dealt with as it can leave the mother needing a liver transplant and dialysis.  The disease happens to roughly one in 10,000-15,000 people and it has a correlation with the cholestasis.  There are lots of websites on the internet about the conditions but I would rather not scare myself by reading up too much about them.  My doctor seems very much in the know and has been keeping me updated. 

So he went through the blood results that have come back from the lab and asked me how I was feeling.  Due to my lack of sleep (all 1 hour and 15 minutes) through the itching he doubled the dose of one of my medications and said he was going to prescribe me a new cream to try.  Unfortunately no one knows what this cream is called so we now have to wait until tomorrow before ordering it.  My liver levels have decreased but only by one from 72 to 71 – not that I know how high this is – I don’t know what normal levels are classed as.  They didn’t do my bile acid levels yesterday so that one was taken today.  I have a feeling there won’t be much difference with the itchiness getting worse even with the medication, so fingers crossed it will make them act a little sooner.  The funny thing is, as soon as the pregnancy ends everything will go back to normal.  Something to do with the stoppage of hormone production that causes all the excess stuff to be produced.

Anyway, here is my 32 week bump for you all to see, sorry I’m not in my normal place but I haven’t had much choice since I’m being kept in again.  It seems that I will be here now until baby is here, so you may continue to receive them in the same manor. 



I think this little man is gaining weight well, obviously the steroids helped.  (Excuse the elbow as I was on the phone when the photograph was taken).

At 10am this morning I had some heart beat monitoring done on the baby, what took 25 minutes yesterday took 2 hours today!  I started getting contractions early into the monitoring and every time I got one, (roughly every three minutes) we lost the heart beat because the baby moved!  So, eventually we got 30 minutes of the baby’s heart beat and then 30 minutes of my contractions.  After that, as lunch was already there I was given two paracetamol to take, and told to keep an eye on them.  My friend Claire came to see me, and for the hour she was here, they were exactly the same.  So afterwards I was told to stay on the bed for an hour while the midwives did some more monitoring and then I had everything ‘down there’ checked.  The monitoring was still picking up on the contractions but only on roughly 2/3s of them so when the midwife checked everything else and I wasn’t dilated it was decided that because all the contractions haven’t been the same strength for the same amount of time there hasn’t been enough work done by my body for anything to dilate.  The funny thing was, they magically disappeared after 9 and a half hours.  So now it is just a waiting game, if my waters break or anything like that then the plan will change but until then it will be monitoring of bloods to see how the medication is working and if I can go any longer with the baby.  The longer I can go the better as at the moment there are no spaces in the neo-natal unit and I would have to be moved to another hospital which even though it has been a difficult week, it is the closest one for us.  Andrew wants me to keep my legs crossed until weekend he says so he doesn’t end up being called out of work! he he! Lets see if the baby listens to daddy!

Here are pictures of the heart beat traces they do.


As normal I will try and keep everyone update via here as things happen.  Here is looking forwards to more bump updates before the baby ones start!  Have a good night and take care all x


4 responses to “32 weeks today!

  1. claire93 says:

    you keep your legs crossed Kirsty, and I’ll be keeping fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well and that baby can stay put for a little longer

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Thanks Claire, it will be a maximum of 2 weeks from what the doctors say but who knows, I have been saying for a while to Andrew that I thought he was going to come early, and today I think he is trying to prove me right. Either that or drive me to insanity before he arrives!

  2. I can sympathise. I had that with my first, my mum spotted it when I was 34 weeks, you might not be allowed to go after 38 weeks (you might not even make that far).I reached 37 +3 days. I was warned it could happen again – but thankfully it didn’t with number 2 or 3.xx

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