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What a week to start with?

on September 12, 2012

This week has been fun and games!  I got a phone call on Monday at 4pm telling me my blood test results had come back for the bile acids.  When I asked what they wanted me to do, I was told they had already arranged for me to go into the maternity assessment unit as the level should have been ‘around 6’ and were actually 33.2, so more than 5 times the recommended levels.  I got in around 6pm (after collecting Andrew from work) and didn’t see a doctor until 10.30pm.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand they are busy and if someone all of a sudden needs delivering there isn’t much they can do but deliver, but I was tired, confused and didn’t have a clue what was going on.

The doctor was nice, explained that they were starting me on two different types of tablets and then the following day they would do some more monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat and he wanted a liver scan and a growth scan doing before making a decision.  I was told at 8.30am after breakfast that the liver scan needed me to fast for 6 hours, if they had told me earlier, I wouldn’t have eaten breakfast and since I’d just woken up I hadn’t drunk anything other than water.  But, I had to wait until 2.50pm for the scan.  There was nothing at lunch to say I wasn’t allowed to eat so a big meal was dumped on my table, I had to tell the lady to take it away.  Then when it was time for the scan I went to find a midwife or health care assistant but there were none to be seen on the ward.  At 3.20 someone came and told me off for being late for the scan.  My response was to tell them that I had looked for someone to find out where it was and had been unable to find anyone. 

I went down to the assessment clinic and a lovely gent told me he was going to do a scan of my gall bladder (which I had removed in August 2011).  He was rather confused when I explained that I didn’t have a gall bladder for him to scan and I was actually there for a liver scan and growth scan.  He couldn’t do the growth scan because of the time it takes and because he hadn’t been informed by the midwifery team.  So instead he did the growth scan.  He was nice enough to let me have a quick look at baby and showed me his heartbeat but that was it.  So, at 4pm I told them I needed to leave by five – the doctor had told me the night before that it was a case of as soon as I had had my scan I could go home with 2 antenatal appointments for baby’s heart beat to be monitored a week, a growth scan once a week, and they would need to deliver by 37 weeks.  Well I’m only 32 weeks tomorrow (13 September) so that was 15 appointments that I needed as well as a quick overview of the scan.  By 5.15 pm I was still waiting to see someone so I discharged myself with an appointment to come back the next day (today) between 9am and 10am.

I was back for 8.30am after dropping Andrew off at work, the appointment was to go over my scan, complete my plan for inducement at 37 weeks and then book in the antenatal appointments I needed.  Well what a mess!  Even though I watched the midwife write in the diary last night that I was coming back in, my notes had been sent back to the records office and not a single midwife knew that I was due in!  So instead, they sat me on a bed, told me that I was to be seen when the consultant arrived and they could get my notes but they didn’t know when it would be so could they start a new note sheet for me, monitor the baby and get a sample.  Well, I had a lovely midwife that came a few minutes later – with my notes and consultant.  They explained that the scan hadn’t gone as they had expected and as well as having the high bile acids (obstetric cholestasis) I also have fatty liver acids that are clogging up my liver and that is also causing the itching.  The consultant noted that I hadn’t had my growth scan, I explained the ultrasound person thought I was there for a gall bladder and the midwife said ‘that was taken out last year wasn’t it?’  So she had read my notes!

The consultant said without blood tests and the growth scan they couldn’t make any more decisions but I was to tell Andrew to bring in my labour bag but not baby’s as he will be moved straight to special care baby unit due to gestation.  I asked did that mean I would have the baby soon and he replied ‘it depends but not today.’  So it was decided to give me a steroid injection to help the baby’s lungs, at 10am this morning the first one came, I won’t lie, it hurt.  But I didn’t pass out which is a normal trick of mine.  The midwife also came to take some bloods and as she needed a lot and because I don’t bleed very easily (hence the aversion to needles) after 7 attempts she decided to take the last bottle by doing a glucose type test on my finger and squeezing the drops of blood out until she had enough.  It gave me time to ask lots of questions and she very willingly answered them.

I asked why they deliver when they can see that the baby is moving fine and they have heart beat traces for the past three days showing that all is fine.  She told me that normally they would deliver due to issues with the baby at this early age but the two issues I have wrong with me are rare on their own let alone together and can both cause issues for me.  When I asked what issues she told me the itching was nothing, but it doesn’t feel like nothing when you feel like you have a rash all over your hands and feet and you just want to rake the skin off.  So she arranged for me to have another cream to try (it arrived at 11pm).  She also told me that it can cause blockages in the liver that can lead to jaundice (when they normally find there is a problem) and liver failure.  Although the condition stops as soon as the baby is born, apparently if it gets this bad, there is no way back so they will want to deliver baby while everything is still healthy.  She said I could be feeling fine today and the complete opposite tomorrow.

So anyway, my friend Claire came to see me and while she was here my appointment came for the growth scan, so she came with me.  We were able to have a good natter on the ground floor while we waited for the report (Claire’s voice permitting) and then before I came back onto the ward.  I sneakily read the report but it did confirm that baby is weighing roughly 4lbs 4 oz (2kg), baby is head down, not engaged and that there are still fatty deposits showing on my liver.  I was told that I would have the second steroid injection at 10pm and before then someone would review my blood test and scan and then come see me.

Well, it seems to have been one of them nights, Andrew got here at 7pm after work but had to wait until 7.15 to come in as they were that busy, and the ward has gone from being half empty to completely full, not a single spare bed in sight.  Apparently the delivery suite is the same (which is frustrating two of the girls in this room no end.  On is now on a monitor, she was having contractions every 5 minutes and was 4cm dilated this morning.  They have just put her back on a monitor to measure baby’s heart beat an her contractions.  Another one has been told she needs a c-section as a vbac could cause ruptures to her previous scars (she has had 4 sections) and she has been having contractions, no one has timed them, no one has offered pain killers and no one has even checked to see if she is dilated and needs and emergency c-section).  It is getting me down, as the only issue I can feel is the itchiness which is nothing compared to these other ladies.  I understand they are busy and I feel for the staff but think they need to have extra doctors on call. 

At 11pm, I was told that if I had my prescribed medication with me, that I should take it as the pharmacy still had my treatment sheet and they couldn’t give me anything.  I said that was all well and good but what about the steroid injection an hour earlier.  The lady went to chase that up, as it was necessary apparently.  So I got the medication I should have had at 8pm at 11pm and I had to write down what I had so they could record it and my steroid injection that I should have had at 10pm at 11.30pm.  They are still going around with the medication now, there have been no doctors so no one has reviewed the scan or blood tests so I asked and was told I would see my own doctor in the morning instead.

Luckily Claire has offered to come see me again, I have managed to find a hospital parking space for my car instead of the council one on the main road that I had to keep going out and paying on and Andrew has been told that he can take his annual leave as soon as he needs to.  Poor Andrew was shattered tonight.  I dropped him off at work at 8.15am and he didn’t arrive home until 8.30pm with nothing but a brief pit stop in between to collect my hospital bag.  I told him to give Pepsi a big hug from me and I really do miss them both, I hate being away from home at night.


So there you have it, you know as much as me.  We don’t have a name yet so that still has to be decided and will likely be decided when baby is here and we have no information on dates/times.  All I know is that midwife told me this morning that normal induction would do nothing other than stress the baby out this early on and would result in an emergency c-section so it is likely the Dr will just schedule me in.  She also said that if I get pregnant again in the future that I will have the same issues but worse and earlier on so it wouldn’t be advised.

I will update when I know more tomorrow x Have a good nights sleep all x Besides I’m 32 weeks tomorrow so will be due a bump picture update x


7 responses to “What a week to start with?

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Oh my goodness my heart is with you as I read this saga, you’ve got so much on your plate. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. You are in my prayers dear friend. Email me your phone number so I can keep in text contact, I don’t have any airtime at the moment, it’s not pay day yet worst luck. You are in my thoughts every day. Love Mandy (

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    thanks Mandy, I don’t know my number off the top of my head but will email you in the morning with it xxx

  3. Glynis says:

    Stay strong, stay positive & do as you are told.. I am thinking of you.. By the way, you don’t have to sneak a peek at your hospital notes- you are allowed to see them..
    (& I’ve also posted this on the wrong blog!!)..

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Hi Glynis, thanks for your reply, don’t worry it wasn’t sneak peak as in I had to check, the notes were sat on the end of my bed so I just looked. I’ve seen the consultant this morning and they are keeping me in again overnight tonight to monitor me (not baby as not concerned about him). They have upped medications, prescribed another new cream (cream number 4) and added to it with daily injections due to high bmi. They’re not going to give me the normal ones because of how easily I bruise, I have some arnica in my bag, thinking of starting using that just in case. They want me to get to 34 weeks but not sure I will make it that far… I spoke to hubby this morning, his nan and grandad are looking after our dog for the day so at least she isn’t on her own and he is getting the bus from work straight here to see me, so will be about 6.30pm plus my friend is coming to see me at 1.30 as well so I will be stitching to try and keep my hands busy in the mean time since I managed to cut my legs scratching last night and only managed 1.15 hours sleep… fingers crossed I can nap in the day, no more scans today just a bile acid test but will do a full update a little later on today x and include my bump picture.

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