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31 weeks in the morning

on September 5, 2012


Because I didn’t want to forget to take a picture of us at 31 weeks in the morning, I got hubby to take it just now Smile Is it just me or has my belly gotten huge again?!?!  I feel like it has.

It’s not been quite as busy this week, I’ve been to see the doctor to get some tablets for heartburn, I’ve been to the hospital today for acupuncture and my appointments have been increased from once every six weeks to once every four weeks until delivery at least – I’m going to talk to them next time about keeping it at that, especially as I want to breast feed and I wont be able to go back onto any of my pain medication for my back until I stop feeding.  I will have to see what they say, the needles were in for an awful lot longer today (I think about 45 minutes since I managed to read nearly a chapter of my book) and so far it is still kicking in, I’m rather stiff still but I think it’s more to do with how long I was lay in one position for.

My car is going for it’s MOT tomorrow and I think all should be okay, the only thing we haven’t been able to check is the emissions, other than that, we have had new back breaks (discs and pads), new lights, a service, the front breaks were done a year ago and we’ve had a new tire due to the tracking being out, there isn’t much else to check.  At least it will all be done and out of the way before the baby gets here.

Other than that, you will have seen if you are on Facebook, that Pepsi and I managed a short walk around the woods yesterday.  It was more shaded than our usual park.  Tomorrow we are going to go and walk around a local lake, I’m looking forwards to it Smile

IMAG0708Other than that it has been a quiet week, I have finished a couple more sets of feet and am going to start mounting the birth announcement cards this weekend, and I have even made a start on some quick Christmas cards.  I hope you like them x

IMAG0713I don’t have any more pregnancy related appointments now until next week, when I have an appointment with the midwife on Thursday (I will be 32 weeks exactly).  I’m not looking forwards to it though as my midwife is leaving to go back onto the wards and I will have a different community midwife for the final stages of my pregnancy.  It’s a shame as Chris is lovely so I will be making a thank you card for her and needless to say when I go into labour I will be asking if she is on duty.  Other than that I have another scan on the 24th September and then an appointment with the consultant. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend and I will update next week.  For now I am off to bed, even Pepsi is tired!



One response to “31 weeks in the morning

  1. kirstyross85 says:

    Well the MOT wasn’t too bad, been to see midwife and have to have more blood tests done tomorrow for a bile acid check. Will have to get results on Tuesday to see if it is what is causing the itching on my hands and feet, fingers crossed they will be able to give me something to treat it then x Oh and gained 1lb this week, so still 5lb lighter than when I first fell pregnant x

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