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Baby Feet

on September 3, 2012

Okay so not only have I been stitching baby feet but this weekend I’ve worked out I can feel the baby’s feet in my tummy!  I keep finding one between my bottom ribs on one side of my body!  It’s rather uncomfortable but I suppose it will only be for a few more weeks at least.

At the moment the baby seems to be plagued by the hiccups!  Every now and again I get about 35 minutes of constant bouncing.  It’s not what I’m eating as it’s not always after I have eaten – in fact, the hiccups woke me up this morning! Smile It’s nice to be able to work out the bigger movements now and realise that the routine is changing slightly.  At least that means that I can sleep past 3am (providing the noisy neighbours let me).

I haven’t got an update on the bump picture today – I am aiming to take one every Thursday as that is the day I start a new week of my pregnancy and it will make it easier to measure the change if anything.  And for once I have a day where I can chill out at home for the majority of the day.  No appointments until tomorrow and Wednesday and then I have Thursday and Friday to myself.  I’m determined to get some stitching done and some of the birth announcement cards made up.  I’m going to finish off the feet I’m doing today and then spend some time trimming the inside plates to put in.  Hopefully I can get a load done ready for the feet to be ironed and backed and then pop them straight on.  I can’t wait to see what they are like finished.  I really hope that people do keep them, I know one will be going in our memory box.

Anyway, I’m off for now to snuggle with Pepsi and finish the feeties off that are currently on the go, I hope everyone has a good Monday!


5 responses to “Baby Feet

  1. Valerie says:

    I remember my little one having the hiccups like that! Aww, so cool! 🙂

    • kirstyross85 says:

      It’s such a strange sensation – and being my first I didn’t know what it was at first 🙂 really cute 🙂

      • Valerie says:

        It always made me feel a sense of comfort, knowing he was ok in there. 😉 Plus, I could finally tell where his head was!

      • kirstyross85 says:

        I agree, it is nice knowing that all is okay in there, I wish I had a little window that I could see through to make sure all is all right but there has been that much movement I’m quite content x This little one was breech at 27 weeks but has done a 180 and is now getting lower down. x

  2. hello i am 18 weeks today this is my second child i am looking forward to finding out the sex. i went for a ultrasound friday the 11th of february and the baby was playing with the umbilical cord in the middle of its legs so they could not determine the sex at that point, was so sad 😦 but i go back on thursday to find out for sure. my sugar test also came back high so i have to have a 3 hour test done that day as well. my husband this time around is wanting a girl, he swears up and down thats what it is. but i believe its another beautiful boy. not to much with morning sickness this time around but i do get ill every time i take my prenatal. everyone good luck and congrats on the little ones. thanks for stick n through and readin my post!

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