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7 months down, 2 to go!

on August 28, 2012

A quick post as I wait for Andrew’s mum.  Andrew is at work on the second week of his new job and I’m pleased to say he seems to be enjoying it.  I think just getting out of the house on a daily basis is a good thing for him.
I on the other hand am starting to struggle with day to day tasks now. I can’t move the seat back any further in my car as I won’t be able to reach the pedals to drive safely but it won’t be long before I can’t fit behind the steering wheel… At that point I’ll have to stop driving for a while but lets hope it isn’t too soon as I don’t want to rely on others for midwife and hospital appointments.  Fingers crossed I can manage another 4 weeks although at this rate I don’t know… Have a look at this weeks bump pic taken at 29+1 x

In the mean time as I haven’t had time for writing or desiging I have been stitching the front of our birth annoucement cards.  I’ve done 8 so far in different blues but Ive also finished off two cards for a friend who has a little boy and is having a little girl around the same time Im due x here’s what they look like:


This is one of the sets of feet I’ve done using Anchor variations thread:


I think they have come out really well 🙂

Only another 20ish to stitch and then I will be backing them all, mounting them and making the cards up ready for when baby arrives x. I hope you like them x


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