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Books, books, books

on August 24, 2012

Since I’ve always been a bit of a book worm starting to buy books for my bump seemed a  natural thing to do.  His aunty has already bought him the full set of Thomas the Tank Engine books for Christmas and many parenting magazines come with little books.  Many of these books are a little older though so while I’ve been out and about I’ve been picking up little touchy feely books and first words books.  I have had a couple of older books from ‘The Works’ where I got a Disney 365 stories that was less than £5 that I couldn’t resist as the stories are only a page a day and not too long.  I also got 6 Mr Men books for £5 on Tuesday.  I think its brilliant, we have 2 shelves up in his room and have been building his collection. 

I had lots of books when I was little but they were mainly Enid Blyton and similar until I got older and started borrowing R.L. Stines ‘Fear Street’ from the local library.  What were your favourites or your childrens?  I would love some ideas of other books to buy for a new born.  They will definitely come in handy for rainy days like today.


2 responses to “Books, books, books

  1. phoenixaeon says:

    I bought a few of the Little Einstein books for Princi when she was very tiny, and of course, plenty of the touchy-feely-felty-material books. As she got a little older, that changed to Spot the dog, Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, Miffy, Charlie and Lola, Dr. Seuss, and any Julia Donaldson title, but especially the Gruffalo. I love the Gruffalo, and The Gruffalo’s Daughter.

    Thing is, Princi’s almost eight now, and she still has a lot of the books from when she was tiny – she still loves to look at them and read them – but she also has all of the books she’s been bought since. This means that she has three big shelves-full in my room, and two of the big shelves in the front room completely packed with books. But she’s pretty much read all of them at least once! And in some cases, at least twenty times!

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Wow! There are loads to get then! Im 27 and have many books from while I was in high school, although I am trying to move some onto my Kindle. Then again there are many that I just have to have the actual book. So I must admit we have shelves full of books through out our house too! X

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