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The Journey Continues

on August 23, 2012

Well it’s definitely been a long day and it’s not even 3pm! Been taking Andrew’s mum to work today as her bike is broken and had a near miss while driving.  I was a little worried as my tummy has hurt since but I already had an appointment with the midwife booked in for 1.20pm so it seemed daft going anywhere else to get checked in the meantime.

Anyway, had my 28 week appointment today at 29 weeks as I had my glucose tolerance test on Monday and my 28 week bloods done so it made more sense to have the appointment after the tests had been done so I could get the results.  All has come back fine for my normal bloods but my fasting test for the glucose tolerance has come back a little high.  Chris (my midwife) said it is on the border and since I am already under the consultant anyway she will have it checked and the antenatal clinic will call if they need to see me before 33 weeks when my next scan is booked in.

My blood pressure is fine (which I was surprised about after this morning) and Chris checked my tummy.  There is a little bruising coming through but its to the side and away from my little man, she was happy that she could feel him kicking away while she was doing the checks and his heartbeat is still averaging 140bpm so Chris was happy with that too.  He has turned around and no longer presenting breech but there is plenty of time to change his mind and be awkward yet!  I’m a little tired at the moment but I’m not too concerned, everything is easing slightly now I am off work completely.

So I am now seeing Chris at 32 weeks which will be the last time I see her as she is leaving community midwifery and going back to work on the ward.  I’m going to miss her as she has been brilliant for us, needless to say I will be looking out for her when I have my baby as she will be on the ward then.  In the mean time I am going to stitch her a thank you card to take with me the next time I see her, hopefully she will like it.

Here are the previous two scans we have had; I wonder what he will look like at 33 weeks.


This was done at 12 weeks exactly

Scan - 20 weeks003

This one was done at 20 weeks x

In other news, my little sister has got her GCSE results today and done really well, I’m really pleased for her! x


2 responses to “The Journey Continues

  1. Well done to your sister, and won’t be long now before you meet little man.xx

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Thanks Georgina x she has done really well x Can’t wait to meet my little man but am really looking forwards to seeing how much he has changed from the last scan to the next as well xx

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