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An Update

on August 17, 2012

Well the past few weeks have flown by! I’m sorry I haven’t been on here as much as normal but by the end of the day now I feel so tired that all I can do is climb into bed and curl up.

I’m now 28 weeks gone so a maximum of 14 weeks left until our baby is here and just in case I ever forget that I get the biggest kicks to my tummy now!  It’s such a strange feeling when I’m not expecting them they cause me to pause and catch my breath!  I’m off work on annual leave currently and as soon as that finishes I will be going straight onto Maternity Leave (I will be exactly 29 weeks).  I wasn’t planning on leaving work so early for this baby but with my back, pregnancy pains and trying to get everything sorted with hospital appointments it made sense.  The only problem is I am BORED!  I’ve taken a recent bump picture today (28+1) so you can see how much my belly has exploded grown!  Up until yesterday I couldn’t see past my boobs to see my bump but it’s arrived in full force as you can see!


So while I have been off work for 2 weeks I haven’t done much, even though it feels like I haven’t stopped.  We have taken Andrew’s mum to work a few times, made sure that all the baby’s clothes are washed and ready for him, and I’ve been stitching and knitting.  So here are some of my stitchy updates:


This is a birth sampler I am doing for a friend who’s first grand daughter has just arrived.


This will be made into a bookmark for my mum as our bump is her first grand child.

IMAG0680This is a mini DMC kit that I am stitching to go in our bathroom as the theme matches our little light house theme from Whitby and Robinhood’s Bay from a couple of years ago.  It finishes up at 3”x3” and the best thing I’ve found for framing it is actually a plastic (square) coaster which should (as long as I tape it properly at the back) keep the moisture out as well. Smile


I stitched this for Andrew for when the baby is here.  I think a lot of people forget that dad has had a massive part to play in getting the baby to arrive safely and I don’t want Andrew feeling left out as he has been brilliant with my while I’ve complained about being sore (most of the time) and tired (all of the time).  He’s cooked and cleaned and looked after me so this is my way to say thank you to him.  It was supposed to say No 1 Dad and was a kit with one of my cross stitch magazines, but I thought it would be a perfect card if I changed it to ‘New Dad’ instead.  I think it looks really good, but then, I am biased – I love Fizzy Moon! x

I’ve also been stitching the feet for my birth announcements, I’ve done 5 lots so far, here are a couple of them:


As you can see they are blue Open-mouthed smile and we are having different shades of blue in the announcements so thought it only right that I did the announcements in different shades of blue too.  I have another 20 of these to stitch up so in a way it is a good job I am now off work as I wouldn’t ever get them all stitched in time otherwise Smile  I’m hoping that I may also have time left over before bump is here to stitch some little Christmas cards up as well.

The only other thing I am doing is knitting a baby blanket, I’m using a basic garter stitch, and variations wool so although it is mainly a silver/grey colour, the tones change.  I am also stitching a white band to go around the edges, I hope it looks okay done.  No pictures of it as yet as I haven’t managed very much on there yet. x

One thing that I did over the past few weeks while I’ve been off on annual leave that might interest you is some blackwork design charts.  I’ve never designed blackwork before but the charts seem to be well liked so I decided to format them as an ebook.  It’s available on Kindle in mobi format and in normal epub format so if you haven’t got a Kindle you can still get it on other e-readers.  If you haven’t got an e-reader, you can use Amazon’s Kindle apps (which are free) so you can view the book on your computer/laptop or ipad/iphone.  Here are the links x

Black Work for Beginners you can pick it up for the Kindle in the UK using this link.

Blackwork for Beginners US you can pick it up for the Kindle in the US using this link.

Blackwork for Beginners e-pub this version is for any e-reader that can use e-pub file format. x

I hope everyone else is okay and keeping well. x


4 responses to “An Update

  1. Love the pictures kirst,carry on updating! All looks lovely well done,can’t wait to finally see some pictures of little bubby! Xxx

  2. Sandra Rose says:

    I love the little footprints you are using for birth announcements – how special that you are making/stitching your own! Get as much rest as you can now! Babies are not very sympathetic about such things 🙂

    • kirstyross85 says:

      thanks Sandra, I can’t wait to have them all stitched so I can back them and put them all together, I’m getting just as excited about filling them in as well now. It seems like only yesterday that we got the positive test result back and now we’re in the third trimester and on the home straight! I’m really looking forwards to having him at home with us 🙂

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