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7 Weeks Today!

on March 22, 2012

7 weeks pregnant

What’s happening this week…

baby 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby

Your baby is the size of a bean and can move around, although you won’t feel it until you’re well into the second trimester. It also has a tiny tail, but don’t worry, it will soon disappear!

By this time your baby’s limb buds will be flattening, like paddles, getting ready to form digits for his fingers and toes. As the limb buds lengthen your baby will develop his elbows.

The black dots that will form your baby’s eyes are now visible on an ultrasound and its jaw has also been formed.


7 weeks pregnant symptoms can leave you on an emotional rollercoaster; up one minute and down the next, this is mostly due to the changing level of hormones in your body. This is a normal part of the early stages of pregnancy.

Moderate exercise may be an idea to help relieve stress and your body cope with the demands of pregnancy. But this isn’t the best time to start a contact sport!

Try to eat well, and keep yourself in tip-top condition in these early stages of pregnancy.

What to think about

You may want to start telling family and friends that you are pregnant and it is a matter of personal choice but there are good reasons to keep it quiet at this early stage.

You might want to take a break and get some sun, so if you’re thinking about taking a holiday make sure you travel safely.

Take extra care over cooking preparation. Food hygiene is really important at this stage as food-borne illnesses may affect the health of your baby.


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