My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Some more journalling prompts

on March 17, 2012

When you were younger did you see yourself as ever becoming a parent?

When I was younger, I never saw myself as a mum, in fact, I only ever saw myself as a teacher.  Strange, it wasn’t until we got married that I even started thinking about children.

Do you have any pets that you would consider are fur-kids or child-substitutes? Write about your relationship with each one.

We have Pepsi who is definitely our fur-baby, she is currently lay across my feet fast asleep even as I type this!  She is constantly by my side at the minute, even more so than before I found out I was pregnant, and she has a habit of laying her head on my tummy to keep Jellybean safe.  She’s never laid her head on my tummy before.

What impact has the news had on your life? Has it changed any future plans?

It hasn’t changed our future plans at all, the main impact has been putting a rush on finishing sorting our house out and getting decorated.

Do you have any fears of becoming a parent?

Lots I’m sure, but I won’t dwell on them, I’ll do the best I can and hope it is good enough.

How does your pregnant body feel?

Sore in most places, I have cramps, and sore spots all over.  I wish men could share this bit of pregnancy.

What changes have you noticed?

Andrew has noticed a bit of a bump and my bust has got huge over night nearly.  The main thing is the sickness, tiredness and headaches though.  (Oh and the heartburn).


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