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End of week one, 6 + 2!

on March 10, 2012

First off I’m going to apologise for not sharing any writing or stitchy finishes this week, I have been that tired that I have found it difficult to focus, although I have started one that I will share with you after Mother’s day x

Today I have been looking for a nice pregnancy journal, but the ones I have seen are either very American or don’t have a lot of space for me to write, add photographs and little diagrams etc so after trawling the internet for what seemed like an age, I decided that I will get an A5 blank notebook (not ruled) and do my own.

Whilst looking at some pages I found a little image that is supposed to be cut into 6 separate cards and stuck around a scrapbook page, I managed to print 2 of the sets onto one A4 page so I have cut them down and the entire set fits on a page slightly smaller than A5, it is like a week in review so when I get my little notebook I will begin to paste one of the pages at the end of each weeks journaling and fill it in.

Here’s what the first one looks like filled in:


I am going to get my coloured pens out and make the pages a little brighter before they get stuck into the book Smile and of course the first page will be a picture of the test showing the pregnant sign on it.

I also found a website with some journaling prompts for pregnancy, I thought I would use them as blog prompts instead (some of them anyway) over the coming weeks.

As soon as I have a book and have started I will post some sample pages too!


6 responses to “End of week one, 6 + 2!

  1. Loretta says:

    I love having journaling prompts and fun things to write in, I’m always scribbling something down!

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy – looking forward to seeing your pregnancy journal grow and following your blog posts 🙂

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