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Food for Thought

on March 8, 2012

Or not as the case may be, I’ve been lucky that my morning sickness, even though it lasts around 9 hours a day, is only retching and not actual sickness.  So far, I have found chewing gum helps, as does orange flavoured ice cubes.  When it comes to eating, I seem to get a small window in the afternoon that is okay, around 5-7pm, but so far I’ve noticed I can really only stomach chicken, or soup (but NOT chicken soup!).  The thought of anything sweet, or heavy, or cheese knocks me sick Sad smile fingers crossed though, this means I will continue to lose a little bit of weight over the next few weeks until I can get back on track.  People keep suggesting ginger and arrowroot biscuits but even the thought of those is knocking me rotten, I think when payday comes I might get myself a travel sickness band as someone has suggested one of those.  I have a few other purchases to make soon, like new bras (I’ve already gone up one size towards the start of the week, hoping I don’t go up too many more) and lots more chicken.  Soup isn’t an issue, I can make that, but Andrew is being very helpful by gradually working his way through all the sweet stuff in the house! Open-mouthed smile

In other news, I got my result back for my last uni assignment, which I thought was the hardest one to date, and it was my best mark to date at 76% which is a grade two pass!


4 responses to “Food for Thought

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Congratulations on your pass Kirstyanne, I do admire you for studying further, it’s so important nowadays if you want a good job. Well done.

  2. claire93 says:

    well done on your grades Kirsty
    I used to tuck into prawns and gherkins when I was pregnant lol

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Thanks Claire, I don’t think I could go with prawns or gherkins, the thought of both knock me sick at the moment, but I am only in my first trimester, maybe by the time I get to the third I will think differently x

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