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Been one of them days

on February 7, 2012

so far today.  I went to the doctors and have had my tablets sorted out, then she ambushed me with a new Thyroid test.  I’m not good with needles.  At all.  Last time I needed blood taken in the hospital after 8 attempts – including in my feet they gave up.  Today was different though, for the first time the nurse in the surgery was able to do it with very little fuss, first time.  The only issue is I now feel sick.  Oh well.  Won’t be doing much stitching today with a shaky arm but will definitely be asking for the same nurse next time.  She was brilliant.

On a more positive note, A Book of Shorts is available free of charge on Amazon for today only.  It has 5 short stories in as well as some poems.  If you’re looking for something to read that is nice and quick this one is for you.  The stories take on different genre’s and are called;

Absent Without Leave

Is it in Our Nature

Deceit Before the Gods

A Bump on the Head

A Journalistic Nightmare

The Poems are titled:

La Luna Del Cacciatore – The Hunter’s Moon

Ghost Words

Anthropomorphism for Beginners

What If?

I hope those of you that download it do enjoy reading these shorts x


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