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I’m putting out a shout

on February 4, 2012

For new readers.  I am looking for five people who I can send Old Magick to free of charge that would be willing to read and review the book.  If you are interested please leave a comment on the bottom and I will get in touch.  If you aren’t sure about the style of book, have a quick look on the Amazon page and see what you think – there are other reviews on there to give you a little information about the book too.

In other news today, as for the most part of Britain we have snow, lots of snow.  So it has been a busy day, the morning was spent at Andrew’s Nan’s house helping her move some furniture around and setting up a new television (we came home with the old television as it is bigger than ours) and moving other bits and bobs around.  Then Andrew’s aunty and cousin came over to see his Nan as well, after a sausage butty, we then took Kim (Andrew’s Mum) to her care jobs as she rides a moped and with the snow it would be rather dangerous so we took her in the car instead.

We got in around 9 o’clock and are going back out around 7 o’clock in the morning so I will be taking some stitching with me to finish off and my Kindle x

Have a good night all,

happy stitching!


2 responses to “I’m putting out a shout

  1. lrmart says:

    I would be interested in reviewing your book Old Magick…
    I would also be interested in knowing if in your Genealogy research if you traced any of the Ross lines to the US? I’ve been tracing my paternal line of Ross also. My fathers grandmother was a Ross in Pennsylvania where my Ross line had lived since late 1700’s. Before then I can’t find much.
    I would love to hear from you and see if we might be able to connect…
    Lisa R Smith Martin

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Thanks Lisa, will send you a quick email a little later on today re the book. With regards to family history, Ross is my husbands paternal line and we have it going as far back as 1890 – I need to purchase a birth certificate for one person in the tree, so far though, his roots are all in Scotland, UK nothing abroad just yet. I do have my tree up on ancestry – I have spent a lot more time on my mothers paternal line and my fathers maternal line (I know right) but I’m at loggerheads needing to purchase birth certificates and marriage certificates so I can verify the next people on the tree x

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