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Today’s Post

on January 30, 2012



I have only got a quick post for you today as I haven’t done much stitching yesterday.  Here is my latest update:



As you can see I’m still working on the same corner but it is coming along.  I might do a little stitching later on today but for now I’m in a writing mood so I’m going to do a little work on the second book in the ‘Old Magick’ series.  The first one is still being purchased on a regular basis on Amazon and I have had some very positive reviews and comments.  The second book is currently half written as I needed to do some research into particular aspects of Tudor life and times in the north of England and the Kings court.  It is all coming together now and the words do seem to flow when I start writing but I have to be in the right mood.

Other than that, not much is going on.  I haven’t had my result back for A177 yet, though I doubt that will come through for a couple of weeks.  I am on course for a 2:2 with my level three course, not overly happy about it but due to the last grade I got being so low there is no realistic way for me to pull the mark back up.  I would need to get at least 30% higher in all of my assignments from now on and that is no easy feat.  Very few people achieve more than one distinction in this type of course and I am just not one of them.  Now I only have one course on the go I am going to put as much effort as possible into it, there was an awful lot of reading involved with A177 considering it was only a 10 point, 12 week course, reading 2 Shakespeare plays in that time (especially with Christmas and other assignments to contend with) was a little unrealistic.  I’ll be happy with a pass of any level on that course though as it is a pass or fail only, it isn’t graded.  According to one of the tutors on the student forum we should have our grade within two weeks and the official pass or fail by 16th March 2012.  I shall keep you updated.

The newsletter for Kirsty’s Kross Stitch has been sent out for February and so far I have had some lovely comments on the free chart.  I can’t wait to see it stitched up as I left it one colour so I would imagine many people will stitch it using specialist hand dyed threads 🙂 and with those each one will come out differently.  There is also a link on the facebook page to sign up for the newsletter now as well and requests have been coming in thick and fast for people to sign up 🙂  There have been updates and additions to the website including new kits and the facebook stitch-a-long has been given it’s own pride of place on the site too.  If you want to do the stitch-a-long there will be a page a month added until June of the flower chart, it’s free for you to join in and the chart is free too.  I hope to see some updates soon!

Oh dear, I said it was going to be a quick post, sorry! I am off now though, so until next time;

Happy Stitching!



2 responses to “Today’s Post

  1. claire93 says:

    hankg on in there with your writing assignments – I know how hard it can be to work on your own, but the effort will be well worth it

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