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Stitching update :)

on January 26, 2012

Okay so it has been a while since I’ve posted properly.  Stitching was interrupted by Romeo and Juliet. I’ve an essay due in tomorrow and have had just 2 weeks to read the book, the study guide and write the essay.  I’ve written over half of it so far and got quotes and references to add in before I start up again in the morning.

So here is what I have been up to:  firstly the owl I stitched from kincavel krosses using Polstitches Dragon Floss in Starburst has been turned into an Artist Trading Card and sent to a lady in New Zealand.  I hope she likes it, here is a picture of how it looked finished.


The next set of stitching I did was the free chart I designed for the February newsletter for Kirsty’s Kross Stitches.  After spending ages with graph paper and pencil I transferred it onto the cross stitch design programme I use and then printed off a nice chart that didn’t have any scribbles where I had decided to change things. Then I got to stitching the model for it to put on the newsletter Smile I used the same colour thread as the little owl above and stitched it onto 22 count aida.  This is what it looks like:


I love all the hearts that have been designed using words of love but all of them are rather large so instead I designed this little one.  It would look lovely on a card to your partner!  If you haven’t already signed up to the newsletter to get your free charts delivered straight to your inbox once a month you can sign up at Kirsty’s Kross Stitch on the ‘My Designs’ page.  (Click on my designs and it will take you straight there x)

And lastly (but definitely no means least) I want to share a new blog that I found with you.  Claire has a brilliant blog and does her own designs which she is more than happy to share if you request the chart.  I have just started stitching ‘Hearts in a Square’ on hand dyed (dusky pink) 22 count aida using Sweets thread in Snow Cone.  I love the thread and have been waiting for something to stitch on the pink aida and this design is perfect!  Here’s what I have so far:


The picture doesn’t show the colour of the fabric properly but it is a lovely dusty pink, however, it does show the colour of the threads off really well.  I can’t wait to finish this piece, I think I will turn into a biscornu when it is finished Smile



3 responses to “Stitching update :)

  1. claire93 says:

    oooohhhh the first stitches ^^ it’s a beautiful colour, the thread you’ve chosen and is going to look quite “soft” in comparison to my version. Look forward to seeing it grow.
    And I love your little “love” design – I already had a peek at your designs the other day, but you’re right, best thing is to sign myself up for your newsletter, so off I go to do that

    • kirstyross85 says:

      I’m so glad you like it Claire, I’ve linked your blog so if others like it they can come and find you as well x I think it will be quite soft as you say but I have been waiting for the threads so I can do this one – it’s the perfect combination to go with the dusty pink fabric x so glad you like my ‘love’ design – it will be in the February newsletter that I send on the first of the month x there is a box under the reply button for follow-up comments on this design of the blog, not sure if you could see that underneath the comment box you type into huni x I’ve updated the post as well re the newsletter x sorry I didn’t make that clearer x

  2. claire93 says:

    by the way – can’t seem to find the link to sign up for a newletter to receive alerts when you post on this blog.

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