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on January 23, 2012

a series of books In recently read!  I loved every minute of the Star Crusades by Michael G Thomas.  If you are looking for a new series to read I would definitely advise taking a look Smile

I absolutely loved this series, from starting the first book to finishing the last there was never a point when I was struggling to follow the story line of failing to engage with the characters. For faced paced action that will keep you turning the pages until the end I would advise the full series – I loved being able to keep on through to the next book without having to change on the kindle 🙂

Below are individual reviews for each book

Book One – Siege of Titan

Thrown the choice of prison or joining the Marines, Spartan sees a way to keep himself from rotting in a cell. But politics and religion are still causing chaos and mayhem throughout, not only the world, but the universe.
Spartan has to make a jump from the illegal blood sports of the underground to the ordered fighting of the marines before he and the rest of his squad mates are sent into the mix. A baptism of fire separates the good from the bad, and the truly brilliant from the good, as the navy station is over taken by the religious Zealots and hostages are treated in the most horrific ways, the marines and their commando counterparts wade through the stations blockades to take part in the battle. I can’t wait to see what lies in store for Spartan next!

Book Two – Tears of Kerberos

After reading the first in this series I had to know what happened next to Spartan and Theresa! Although the main story follows Spartan and his quest to help the Confederacy retake the colonies where the Biotechs have taken over, Theresa plays a strong role and even though the pair are split you have to keep reading to make sure they meet up again. Spartan is quickly shooting up the ranks and is helping make new squads with bigger and better armour than before.
Their squad get dropped in the middle of the battle in New Carlos and Spartan has to prove his worth.
A brilliantly fast paced, well written second book.

Book Three – Fires of Prometheus

Picked as part of a select crew Spartan and General Rivers are sent into the battle with the Biotechs and wake up in chains. Teresa is fiercely determined that now she is back on active duty she will find Spartan no matter the cost to her career in the marines. Luckily her objectives are well aligned with the marines and she is sent to the outer rim to find the missing team.  In the uncontrolled outer rim anything goes, from blood sports to scientific research.
I know people have said that recruit to Sgt is a large jump, but even now and in the past field promotions have a way of sticking. Coming from a military background I know it doesn’t happen so much now but did very much so in the world wars and before.
The detail in the story gets more in depth now and whilst reading this book parts had me taken aback at how visually descriptive the writing was. Not only could I visualise what was going on, I was there! Definitely worth a read 🙂

Book Four – Battle for Proxima

The confed are struggling now as the Zealots have taken charge of over half the colonies, their commander knows if she can get at least one back there is a chance, and they decide to try for Proxima.
As the Vanguards start out as a new unit, they face the enemies without and the critics within. Can Spartan keep them in line as the new unit leader? As Spartan battles on the ground the fleet are involved in a space war with all the ships being involved, keeping the book constantly moving forwards at an incredible pace.

Book Five – Fall of Terra Nova

Throughout this book as with the rest of the series the fast paced action kept me glued to my kindle whilst I read this. I couldn’t put it down. With Spartan and Teresa in their hardest battle to date I just had to know what the outcome would be! As they battle for the Confed they find they are battling on two fronts which keeps you guessing throughout. Brilliant finish, would love to know what comes next for Spartan!


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