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ATC’s I received in 2011

on January 11, 2012

I thought I would share with you some of the lovely ATC’s I have received over the last year Smile

04-05-2011 115500 From Colleen Moore (WA USA)

100_1619 from Carol Wake (UK)

100_1872 From Carmen Faber (Canada)

100_1929 From Deborah Howell (Australia)

100_1932 From Vivienne Sciarra (Italy)

100_1935 This one is from Karen Beaton (Australia)

100_1936 This one is from Laura Borst (UK)

100_2021 From Deborah Howell (Australia)

100_2023 From Deborah Howell (Australia)

100_2025 From Erla Bjork (Iceland)

100_2026 From Deborah Howell (Australia)

100_2028From Deborah Howell (Australia)

100_2032 From Lynne Churchyard

100_2042 From Deborah Howell (Australia)

100_2043 From Michelle Watson (NJ USA)

100_2536 Martina Phillips (CA USA)

GEDC0001copy MaryAnn Jefferson (WA USA)

GEDC0003 Marie Smith (UK)

IMAG0179 Mandy Currie (UK)

IMAG0180 Teri Emerson (NC USA)

IMAG0181 From Carmen Faber (Canada)

IMAG0182 From Hope Harris (KS USA)

IMAG0183 From  Janet Hartje (MN USA)

IMAG0184 From Colleen Moore (WA USA)

IMAG0185 From Vivienne Sciarra (Italy)

IMAG0090 From Janet Hartje (MN USA)

IMAG0095 From Colleen Moore (WA USA)

100_2413Teri Emerson (NC USA)

IMAG0186 From Colleen Moore (WA USA)

IMAG0187 From Emma Rowlatt (UK)

IMAG0188 From Vivienne Sciarra (Italy)

IMAG0189 From Emma Rowlatt (UK)

IMAG0197 From  Kell Smurthwaite (Scotland)

IMAG0199 From Vivienne Sciarra (Italy)

IMAG0200 From Pamela Spatty (MI USA)

IMAG0201 From Barbara Sowter (Australia)

IMAG0204 From Deborah Howell (Australia)

IMAG0206 From Barbara Sowter (Australia)


6 responses to “ATC’s I received in 2011

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    What a lovely collection Kirstyanne, do you belong to other swap groups locally? How are you feeling these days? Regards Mandy Currie x

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    Hi Mandy,

    I used to belong to a couple of other groups on Facebook, I only currently have time for the one on Stitchtalk though. I’m feeling much better in myself although I still have a lot of issues with my back x how are you?

  3. Carmen Faber says:

    What a wonderful collection Kirsty…..very inspiring!!

  4. kirstyross85 says:

    They are great aren’t they x can’t wait to see what this years brings x

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