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Happy new year!

on January 1, 2012

Since 2012 has arrived I thought I would wish you all a safe, prosperous and enjoyable year.  I have made a few ‘resolutions’ already but they would have been things I would be aiming to do anyway; here they are:

  • To keep doing a free newsletter once a month for the website
  • To finish my first HAED chart and get it on the wall by the end of the new year
  • To complete my last 2 modules with the Open University and get my full BA(hons) degree and attend the ceremony.
  • To finish the next two instalments of Old Magick
  • To complete as many WIP’s as possible
  • To find a new way to display all my Artist Trading Cards
  • And of course, to get rid of some weight to help my back.

Here are some quick updates:

I have started the second colour on my HAED chart, here is a picture:


As of December 31st 2011, first colour is finished and I have moved on to the next one which is a lovely bright pink.  I can’t wait to start with more of the bright colours!

I have just finished the free chart for the first newsletter of 2012 and since we have Chinese New Year coming up on 23rd of January I decided to design a quick stitch for the Dragon (This year is the year of the Dragon.)  Here’s what it looks like x


Don’t forget you can sign up for our newsletter at under the ‘My Designs’ tab.  All of our old charts are available under the free charts tab.  I would love to see any you stitch as always.

Here are some of our previous charts:

FOOTPRINTSgrandchildrenmini xmas treePattern1Pattern2snowman 

There are also a number of free charts that have been put directly on to the facebook page for Kirsty’s Kross Stitch.  ( ) join the page for free updates.

The facebook page is also hosting a stitch a long this year – here is an image of the chart that we are stitching.


Right, that’s me for now, I will continue to update throughout the year as always!

Happy Stitching!


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