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It’s Christmas!!!!!

on December 25, 2011

I really hope every one has had a good day!  We’ve had a brilliant day here, Pepsi was overwhelmed by the number of toys and treats she got this morning x We’ve got all this x

The best present I get every year is the one I open on Christmas eve – I love new jammies and the fleecy snuggle blanket with the arms and pockets in is brilliant! We have really been spoilt here, we got all sorts including the tumble dryer, a new foot stool, a lovely big thick blanket for the bed, some clothes (in fact Andrew seems to have got a whole new wardrobe), some DVD’s, a Wii game (it’s the just dance one), a Wii Fit board, books, I got some threads, aida, other craft bits, loads of toiletries, a lovely cross stitch kit off Andrew’s nanny, some hand warmers, some writing note books, ‘The Art of Writing Fiction’ book full of exercises to try, a book on quilting, and some hand warmers and a lavender heart shaped warmer, oh and a new hand bag and lots of other little bits including chocolate, biscuits, sweets, and a cacophony of other things!

If any of you have got a new e-reader you can download Old Magick free of charge from using voucher code JP89S which is valid until New Years Day!  I would love to know what people think of the book so feel free to leave any comments or reviews on there or at Smile The next one is due out in the spring!  I’m off for now, so enjoy the rest of your Christmas and New Year!

Me x


This is the kit I got Smile


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