My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

A Sneak Peak

on December 16, 2011

For all those of you that have read and liked ‘Old Magick’ here is a sneak peak of part two Smile

He approached from behind, with a firm hand covering the officers’ mouth he lifted him bodily out of the chair as though he was nothing more than a small child. The other two continued what they were doing while Francis drained their comrade outside the very tent they worked in, blissfully unaware of his disappearance. Francis was expecting the onslaught of memories, but these shook him to the core. This officer had been in the army since an early age, he had seen fierce battles and lost men, and executed his own men as traitors when they had tried to run. He had even sent people to their deaths in the concentration camps. His last memory was of a band of emaciated children being forced into the gas chambers. His last thought was that God had come to punish him.

Just a quick peak of what there is to come Smile I am hoping to have a sample of the first two chapters done by the start of the new year – don’t forget to pop back and have a look!


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