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Old Magick Part Two

on November 19, 2011

Is on its way.  I have the first two chapters written and I know what happens in some scenes and the end.  It’s time for a new tactic, I will be writing the ending before the middle.  As for the middle, I will be storyboarding specific scenes this weekend whilst stitching away.  Although storyboarding is normally used for television, film, and cartoons, I find it is a useful tool for writing a novella or even short story. 

As each chapter is made up of separate scenes I will detail the scenes first, determine where they go and then fill in the blanks so to speak.  If you write and want to try storyboarding for yourself, there is an easy way to do it.  For each scene you have take an index card, write on the characters in the scene, the location and  a brief overview of each scene.  For example:


Loshelle, Ryan, Tennyson and Kyle


Basement corridor in Wintering estate


Loshelle finds Tennyson and Kyle arguing over Ryan.

That’s it, all you need on your card.  From the details I’ve listed above, I know that in this scene, Loshelle is woken during the daylight hours to a racket on the floor below.  When she gets downstairs she finds Kyle and Tennyson arguing over whether or not to wake her up for help with Ryan as he hasn’t fed since the change.

Once you have got all your cards together, all you have to do is lay them out in order and fill in what happens to get you from one scene to the next.


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