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Baby Cakes

on October 23, 2011

So last weekend I decided to make a baby cake for my friend, I’ve seen them on the internet quite a lot recently and decided to trawl Google and find out how to make them.  Many of the sites use videos and I don’t like having to watch a video, then pause and restart as I get up to speed.  So here’s what I did with photographs as a step by step guide.  If I can make these than anyone can – no baking experience needed!

This is what I used:

  • 3 packs of new born Huggies nappies (27 in a pack)
  • 4 Muslin Cloths
  • 1 New born bottle with a breast feed teat.
  • 1 Pack of dummies
  • 1 large roll of ribbon (3 metres long) in colour to match
  • 2 small bars of baby soap
  • Breast pads for mum
  • Creams and lotion samples for mum and baby
  • 4 Teddy bears small enough to fit on the layers edge
  • Elastic bands
  • String
  • 5 Baby hats
  • Baby booties
  • 3 Baby grows
  • Baby wipes (thin packs)


The first thing I did was open the pack of Huggies closest to me and started rolling the nappies, fastening them with an elastic band to hold them in place.  Once I had enough I stood the bottle in the centre of the table and stood a ring of nappies around it.  A small piece of string was used to hold them in place before I did the next ring, and the third.  Again, all held in place with a small piece of string.  This is the base of the cake, I tucked breast pads into the gaps where the nappies didn’t quite sit tight together and then took 2 of the muslin cloths – both white and pulled them around the outside and held everything in place with a large piece of ribbon.


This picture shows the start of the second layer, the top of the baby bottle sat higher than the nappies so I used this as the centre point and built the next layer directly on top, I put a food tub in the middle on top of the bottle to get the right height and then built the nappies around it again holding in place with string.  This layer only needed two rings of nappies instead of three.  Once I had both rings in place I wrapped another muslin cloth around the outside and added a teddy at the front.


As you can see from the picture there are also the sample packs of lotions in between the rows of nappies, they are held by the same piece of string that holds the nappies up straight.  Around the side of the muslin I’ve folded some hats in place before the ribbon goes on.


The next layer had a pack of dummies in the centre, with some more lotions and then the nappies form a single ring around it.


Again I’ve wrapped a muslin cloth around the outside and then I’ve tucked some little baby booties and baby grows around that one – waiting for the ribbon to go around the outside still too.  Because the dummies stick out at the top I’ve also been able to put two little teddies at the top as well.


Once all of the layers are complete and the ribbon is tied around the outside you have a completed baby cake.  I’ve been and bought some clear cellophane from the local craft store (it was in the floristry section) and I will be wrapping it up in that to keep it nice and clean until I can give it to my friend as a gift.

Here is another one that I have finished so far:


The bottom layer of this one has been wrapped in a blanket and has wipes inside too.



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