My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Week one is done

on August 27, 2011

Andrew has done his first week in work and I have decided I don’t like him working nights because I don’t like being in bed on my own Sad smile He has another week of nights coming up too but at least we have got the bank holiday off together so that is good Smile

I’ve spent the week doing some stitching, getting ahead on uni work and other bits and bobs so as not to wake Andrew and so far he has managed to sleep at least 6 hours during the day which is more than what I have been getting at night.  Oh well, money is money and since the doctor gave me the all clear on Thursday I can go back to work on Tuesday – hopefully it will tire me out enough that I won’t notice that he isn’t there with me at the night time.

I think next weekend we are going to see my gorgeous new niece for the first time, here is a picture of her with my little brother x  I can’t wait to meet her x

315960_10150263754700614_729365613_7927049_1129961_n (2)

I hope everyone is well, have a lovely bank holiday weekend x


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