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Back in Hospital

on August 6, 2011


I don’t know how many different wards I have been on in DRI since my back started playing up last year or how many different doctors I have seen but I know that I want to be sorted so I can go home and just get on with my life.  I’m fed up of not being able to do normal things, like clean up, cook a meal, walk a few meters without needing to lean on something or stop or even go to work.  It’s frustrating as hell.

This time I’m in with gall stones which seem to have taken over my gall bladder completely – I think it is due to all the tablets I have been taking for my back pain in the past 18 months.  Anyway I got put on an outpatients waiting list to have it out last week, and then 6 days later I ended up coming back in through A&E as the pain was unbearable.  I must admit it has eased off a little but I’m getting spasms every now and again, especially after eating, even if it is the hospital low fat option.  I have been told that my liver function is deteriorating and so I had to go for a scan today – an MRCP which is like an MRI scan but they put something over you before you go in the machine and that was to check to see if there are any gall stones in my liver that could be causing the issue.  I don’t know how that went as yet as the consultant was in surgery this evening and I wont see him until he comes back in the morning to do rounds.  I will also have the added issue of them wanting to take more blood.  It took 3 people 10 attempts last week including trying in my foot and it was agonising.  In the end they gave up on trying to take blood and just put a cannula in to attach a saline drip.  This week I’ve had 4 people have 8 attempts, they eventually managed to get the blood but haven’t been able to get a cannula in so that’s been fun.  I’m black and blue and have new bruises on top of old ones.

The doctor in A&E said they might think about moving my surgery forward but the one I have seen today said if there is an issue with my liver they will have to approach it a different way.  I’ve been moved off the assessment unit onto a ward and was hoping for some sleep as last night I only managed 3 hours with the late blood pressure tests and obs, and then waking up at the crack of dawn because the lady opposite was telling me about her imaginary friend the ‘devil’ who wouldn’t leave her alone and he was going to come and get her.  Sadly it isn’t to be though.  It’s after half two on Saturday morning and I’ve not even managed to doze as yet as there is a lady opposite who snores louder than my dog at home and a young girl next to her who I feel really sorry for, she is in an awful lot of pain and they rescheduled her surgery so she has spent the night alternating between crying and being sick.  The only person in the room getting any sleep is the one that is snoring and she is keeping 2 out of the other 3 of us awake Sad smile lol

I was going to do some sewing but as I haven’t got my needle with me – I have everything I need but – that plan has gone down the drain and I spent all day between spasms doing uni work to get ahead on E301 which is now officially my honours module as I got a grade 3 pass on U211 which completed my degree BA Open (Open) without honours.  This time next year I am hoping for BA hons Open (Open) and to graduate in Manchester where my mum and dad can come and watch at the Bridgewater hall.  Best not get too far ahead of myself though, I’ve the entire module to do (other than the first chapter which I have been working through today).  Fingers crossed I can increase my first TMA mark from last year and head for a level 2 pass… fingers crossed. 

Anyway, I’m off for the night to listen some music and do nothing to see if I can drop off.  Night all x


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