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It’s been a funny week

on July 28, 2011

It really has!  The start of the week seemed okay, managed to get some sewing in, finished off a couple of ATC’s and was feeling better, until late Monday night, I started struggling with what I thought was trapped wind again… I’ve been to Accident and Emergency twice and both times sent home with pain killers.  It was that bad that on Tuesday morning I asked Andrew to book me an emergency appointment at the doctors.  As soon as she saw me she said it was my gall bladder and sent me to the Surgical Assessment Unit.  They said the same thing there and admitted me, I now know I have a collapsed gall bladder and around 15 gall stones and that I need it operating on.  In the mean time I managed to talk them into letting me come home and have seen my nana and grandad today which was nice. 

Been very drained today but my appetite is back after 3 days of not eating and 46 hours of completely fasting… looking forwards to going back into work next week though and trying to get back to normality again.  I will have to wait for an appointment for the operation as a day patient and see what happens in the mean time.

I hope everyone is well x


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