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Feeding time at the zoo

on July 23, 2011


The last time we visited Wetlands that baby Wallaby on the left hand side was still in his mum’s pouch.  It was only April.  This is what he looked like then:


What a massive difference!

One of the reasons we like Wetlands is the size of it, even with a bad back I can walk around it in two hours with plenty of places to stop – all near the animals so you can carry on looking while you rest.  One of the benches is right in front of the Meerkats and they were all busy in their own little world.


We skipped the birds this time as there was a bird of prey display on and I’m terrified of anything that can fly at me.  Instead we saw the deer, sheep, camel and llama’s Smile


After these we went to see the monkeys.  Andrew was able to reach the food across the second fence and hand them food through the bars.  It was so cute!


We finished the day off with a drink before driving back up the A1 and home for tea time, not bad since we left after 12 noon and were home for 5pm Smile


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