My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

the next bit x

on July 13, 2011

Danita turned back to her sister.

‘Did it work?’

‘Yes, of course. He thinks he’s lost us. He even felt safe enough to light a small fire and sleep. Up there,’ she pointed, ‘do you see it?’

‘Yes, well done on the spell, I’ll have to remember it for next time I’m up here. I’ve sent Tanacia an image, she’ll port him straight into a cell in the lock up room and then port us back too.’

‘Good I’d hate to have to carry all this home with me.’ Sayitia nodded towards her rucksack and the mat she’d been carrying with her.

‘You ready?’ Danita asked. With a quick nod the sisters joined hands and within the blink of an eye they were back at home in the manor. The wilderness of High Gate forest left behind. Danita walked across the room and hugged her eldest daughter.

‘Do we have him?’

‘Of course.’

‘Is he the right one?’

‘I think so. Calls himself Tevran, he still has his magic – he tried throwing a fireball at me.’ She laughed. ‘It bounced back off the wall of the cell, nearly killed himself.’ She paused slightly. ‘I want him Mum, can I keep him?’

‘No, let your sister have him. You can keep the next target you catch.’

‘But Mum –‘

‘No buts, your sister needs someone to practice with, he’ll do fine.’

‘Fine, shall I strip him of his magic?’

‘Not all, leave him with the ability to use his fireballs, only at a reduced level when practicing with Remi, full capacity if she is in danger to protect her.’

‘Anything else?’


‘Okay, I need to spend some time alone, get the rules into the leash and strip the rest of his magic. Do you mind?’

‘Not at all, your aunt and I are going to bed, you can give him to your sister tomorrow afternoon when she returns from school.’

‘Okay. Night Mum, night Sayitia.’


With that the two women left the room and Tevran in Tanacia’s capable hands. Even though she was still officially a trainee she knew the ropes, and her spells and potions had much more potency than those of any other Black Widow in the known world. She pulled up a chair in front of the cell Tevran was in, the bars held more than the man, they held his magic.

‘We need to talk.’ She paused and sat down, the leash, leather looking emerging into view every now and again as she touched certain places but then completely disappearing when she let go.

He looked up at her, resigned to his fate. He had heard her talking with her mother, nothing more than a gift for some silly little girl. It was ironic he thought, that no matter where he ran, she had still brought him back to her without leaving the confines of her own house. No man would be safe now.

‘The rules that govern your life are about to change. This is my house and I’m good at getting my own way. My mother thinks you will make a useful training tool for my little sister. She thinks that if Remi is to practice against real magic she will improve at a faster rate than all the others. You can keep some of your magic, but your ability to weave spells, to call for objects is mine. I know you can’t port as you wouldn’t have left on foot into the mountains – it’s a lot easier to move with magic, if you had the chance you would have used it, and I know you had the chance.’ She paused. ‘When was the last time you ate?’

He shrugged his shoulders in response.

‘The better rested you are, the easier this is for you, the leash does nothing but keep you in check, the removal of your magic will drain you though. When was the last time you had anything to eat or drink?’

‘I don’t know, don’t care. If you’re going to do this why make it easier for me? I’m stuck here. I don’t want a mistress, I’d rather you take it all and let me go free.’

‘I don’t care what you’d rather, you attacked my mother, she can do with you what she chooses now she has you.’

‘Ah, but she doesn’t, you do.’

‘And what I’d rather is that I could keep you instead of giving you to Remi. I’ll have you one day, in the meantime, you need to remember that I rule here, take all orders and instructions from Remi as if they are from me. If I give you an instruction that isn’t followed, this’ she held up the leash so he could see it ‘will give you a magical shock. It’s not pretty and I don’t want to have to tell you more than once that if you receive a shock you’ll have more than that to deal with.’

‘Are there any up sides to this situation? I mean, if I’m stuck here I might as well make the best of it.’

Tanacia nodded. He wouldn’t need breaking. Not like Lucca, he’d caused havoc in the house until he realised there was nowhere to go.


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