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So what have I been up to?

on July 13, 2011

Well, after finding Holly Lisle’s site (see post on maps for fiction – 2 below) and trying out her idea for drawing the map, I have been inspired to carry on writing.  In fact, I started questioning some writing I have already done – so I’ve started ironing out the bumps.  Well, I’ve started again with the same idea.  Here’s the start, I would love to know what you think!  (Don’t forget that it’s still in a first draft)

After making her way through High Gate forest Danita decided to set up camp for the night at the foot of the Gateway Mountains.  She would pass into Tavoca tomorrow once rested.  It had always been a hard road to travel and humans normally opted to fly from Castle Point airport to the one just outside Tavoca city completely avoiding the Gateway Mountains.  They were too dangerous, the men living there corrupted by their own magic.  Unable to control it, unable to stop it alone.

            Black Widows often tracked their targets into the mountains and found them hiding amongst the high peaks and the natural caverns formed over thousands of years.  It was no different now, Danita knew she would find her target up there, hiding and setting up a magical ambush.  She settled down under the stars with her sister and fellow Black Widow, Sayitia.

            The man they were tracking had been quick to run and since Tanacia had managed to leash a man while he still had powers and word had got out.  She’d made a show of Lucca, took him to the market square and used his powers to attack and capture her next target.  Gossip and rumours spread quickly in any land.  None of these men wanted to be stripped of their powers, even less wanted to be leashed so they could only use their powers when someone else commanded it.

            As she stared up at the stars Sayitia pondered the prophecy.  The great battle could come at any time and they had left Tanacia at home alone, a sitting target for any man, much less a man how had both male and female magical genes. 

            ‘Are you sure she’s safe Danita?’

            ‘Of course she is.  The prophecy talks of a Black Widow not of a trainee.’

            ‘You and I both know that she already has more power and skill than we do, and it’s still growing.  I’m sure she’s the one.’

            ‘I know, I know, and with Aeron not being stripped until after I was pregnant there’s all the more chance.’  Danita paused.  ‘But the prophecy talks of someone fully matured.  Not a fourteen year old who sulks when she doesn’t get her own way.’

            Sayitia laughed.

            ‘Like mother like daughter I say.’ She turned onto her side so she was facing Danita. ‘You spoil her, give her everything she wants. Hey, you even let her have an extension built onto the manor.’

‘She’s the oldest of my children. One day she will own that manor Sayitia. Let her be, she’s done no harm, broken no rules.’

‘And this man we’re tracking, will he be another of her gifts?’

‘No she has Lucca and Hruse, Remi needs someone to practice with. He’s hers.’

‘Ah and how is Remi doing?’

‘Remi is right on schedule, with Tanacia’s new ability to leash a man with magic she will be able to train against the real thing. As long as this man can be used with his powers on a stun setting – if you know what I mean?’

‘I’m glad you made the distinction.’

With that the women turned over, closed their eyes and slept. They had set up an alarm system, no man would enter unannounced. It was impossible.

Tevran carried on throughout the night using his fireballs to light the way through the treacherous pass of the mountains. The two Black Widows had been close behind for three days since he left the walls of Castle Point city. He needed to get some distance from them.

As he climbed high into the mountainous peaks he spotted it. A hideout for men like him; men being chased by a Black Widow. He crawled into the tiny space and huddled into the old sweatshirt he was wearing. The air, like ice caused his breath to come in clouds of condensation. He conjured one last fireball of the night and lit some branches to keep him warm while he dozed. Always alert and listening to anything that could signal that the two Black Widows were still following him through the darkness.


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