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I’ve got my writing bug back!

on July 11, 2011

For the first time in months I’ve wanted to sit and write, and the best bit is that for a while I don’t have to write university essays…  so, instead I went through the files on my computer and pulled out my works from the end of the creative writing courses I did with the Open University (Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing – I did both creative writing courses) and went back over it, all of it needs editing so I set about reading through the bits that I wanted to change and got some basics down.

I have four different pieces on the go at the minute, 3 all follow the same family through different generations that are centuries apart, the other is completely different in still in its first stages of a first draft, I don’t even know how the story finishes yet although I know I want some extra stories running through it.  I’ve been through some different websites about creating a fictional world as this still has a lot of major gaps in it.  All say to create a map, so first off I set about designing the manor house that a lot of the story is based in but then realised when it comes to designing an actual map, I have no idea.  I found Holly Lisles page and decided to give it a try.  I have to say it’s brilliant, I now, have a viable continent where the places that were mentioned in my story now exist.  My next step is to map the city that the story exists in, and I will be following the same advice!  I must admit my art work for the map is rudimentary to say the least but its a start.

As yet I haven’t started the writing part, I want to get the maps in my head on to paper, but I will be doing, as well as covering things such as religion, wars, creation theory of my world, dress styles, politics, special customs, crime and punishment, technology, physical and natural laws including those of magic, commercial systems such as money, arts and entertainment, transportation and health services as well as schooling and some other questions I have written down.  I have each question on a separate piece of A4 paper so I can jot down notes as I come across them in the story that is already written as well as making detailed notes while I describe my world.  So far the total of my actual writing this weekend has only been around 2000 words, but my notes are building fast and once I have done this for the stand-alone story that I am working on I will go back and do the same for the other three.  I actually feel good about getting this down, it is a long time since I have had anything about written works worth telling you all about.

This is a very blurred picture of the first map I have drawn, it isn’t great but covers everything I need for now x



2 responses to “I’ve got my writing bug back!

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Wow, Kirstyanne, I’m impressed that you are writing and hope it all comes together. I will be interested to follow your progress on this. So you are a very creative person to do designing as well. I’ve been asked to write a blog about my life in Africa but to be perfectly honest haven’t the faintest notion where to start. Perhaps a creative writing course is a good idea, do you get funding through Open University, is it expensive. Any recommendations would be of interest. I used to keep a diary, most of my life but other people kept finding it and reading it and I felt they were private, eventually I destroyed the lot, now I could really use them. Good for you Kirstyanne and more power to your elbow (or should that be pen)!!

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