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Got the design bug!

on March 27, 2011

egyptian design

The picture isn’t great as it is one that I have had to use paint for to get it on the screen, unfortunately the cross stitch designer I have doesn’t have a way to export the image… at least I don’t think it does…  The finished piece is 15” x 13” on 14 count Aida and I love it! especially as the cartouche on the left has my name in and the one on the right has Andrew’s name in it.  The design contains 15 different colours, and has 33,516 stitches.  There is no backstitch or quarter stitches in the design and all the colours are DMC.  Although I like all of the colours, the designer doesn’t give me the option for DMC metallics which I think I would swap in the gold and possibly the blue for the centre of the eye of Horus to give a little added sparkle.  With regards to the blue in the background and the sand at the bottom I would do them in half stitch to give them more of a background effect.  I hope you like it, hopefully I will be able to stitch it at some point this year Smile on top of everything else I have to do.

I have also converted some of my husbands lovely photographs from when we went to Whitby last year and others of camels from when we visited his parents in Saudi Arabia, some the pictures are below (including our family crests that I have converted too! x

camel   dalylighthouse    ross


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