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Today’s update, in the pink!

on March 23, 2011

100_1621 100_1623

Didn’t think I’d get all that much done today as I have been to physio this morning and then we went to see how Andrew’s nanny and grandad are this afternoon.  No problems since his little op, dressing changed and all is well there which is good news. 

When I did get around to sewing I decided to stick to the pink of her tunic, and stuck with the one colour after getting my bearings from doing the little bit at the bottom.  I can’t believe how fast it has come to life and I can tell now that the shift will go right up to that collar that I initially thought was lopsided.  I will be picking up on that tomorrow and am hoping that I will be make some good progress on the shift by the end of the day.

I received my first ATC this morning – it came with a lovely card from Carol Wake as part of the transport theme that we are doing as an exchange for March.  I am doing 4 ATC’s for the group next month but can only do two of them before we get our message as I don’t know what letter of the alphabet we are doing for the other one although I have found some lovely alphabets to work from when I get it Smile

100_1620 100_1619


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