My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

My Cleopatra Update for the Weekend

on March 20, 2011


So this week I’ve managed to finish her hair and have made massive progress on her golden collar.  I have done all of the metallic stitches but still have all of the gaps to fill in which are done with blended metallics and linen threads Sad smile oh the joys, I’ve still got my handy thread heaven so hopefully it wont frustrate me too much.

I’m looking forwards to starting on the pinks and purples of her dress as well, once I’ve done that I can then move on to finishing the border – I can’t believe how close to finishing I actually am!

I’ve even managed to finish my assignment for university this week, fortunately I had an extension so it wasn’t too bad that it was ten days late, I have however, started on the next one so at least I’m back up to speed, I hadn’t missed any of the reading.  I was just struggling to make any head way into writing anything down either on paper or onto a word processor.

I’ve made a start on my next Artist Trading Card for the childhood memories/all our yesteryears swap and can’t wait to finish it, still have another one to do.  I’ve also agreed to do two letters as well, not sure what letter yet so will have to find some nice alphabets first and await further instructions on that one!

That’s me for now, happy stitching!


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