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This years gardening projects…

on February 17, 2011

Okay, so this year Andrew doesn’t want me to grow too much because last year we ended up with more than we could eat.  Instead I have decided to stick to four or five main veggies and a couple of herbs and fruits.  Since we are still very early on in  the year and the frost is still very real, I have decided to start with propagator tubs on the window ledges – again.  I have sown peas into individual plug sized propagators to make it easier to replant outside when the weather is warmer.  I’ve sown tomatoes and carrots (about a week ago) which are already starting to germinate – in fact I have roots and seed leaves already.

This morning I have planted potatoes into a grow bag and covered it over to help with the rooting and have also planted some sweet basil out as well, as it grows really fast I think we won’t be long without herbs.  There are also strawberry seeds in the freezer waiting for the start of March when we will be able to sow them as well.


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