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A Ten Minute Freewrite

on January 27, 2011

Just to clarify this was originally an email, sent to a friend as we’d agreed to do freewrites and swap today.

I hate a blank page so I’m just gonna type, been trying to get my head around magic recently, the constraints of building your own world, fantasy or otherwise.  If you do build your own, what are the constraints?  Magic isn’t real on Earth, at least, I don’t think it’s anything more than an illusion whereas in worlds we’ve seen built in books, on television and films, even down to snow white, magic is innate, and we take it for granted that that’s just the way it is – like gravity.  The gravity of this is, if you’re designing your own world and you want to include magic there isn’t any reason that you can’t include it, it just has to be well designed.

From witches and wizards to dwarfs and trolls, fairy dust and tinkerbell – is magic an illusion or not.  I love magic and all that goes with it, runes, images, wands, and pointy hats.  The rush as a spell is cast or potion thrown into a melee and killing the bad guys, its the oldest tricking the book, pitting good against evil and hoping that good triumphs, but does it always, i mean, triumph?  Why can’t evil win in the book or film that you have on the go at the time?  I feel like I’m writing a blog post rather than emailing a free write Smile I’ve been trying to get my head around this because I remember reading in a Wheel of time novel about sul’dame a magical person, enslaved by a chain and collar that controls their magic, only allowing them to use it when their owner wants them to.  I want to incorporate something similar as a way to enslave evil rather than the good, to pit them against the rest of evil that is out there, who they initially fought alongside, no guns, no swords or knives just spell against spell, potion against potion.

Mmmmm, that’s ten minutes up, lots of questions but i think that it might help with what im working on at the minute.



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