My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.


on December 26, 2010

Okay so if you remember, on my first day in Saudi Arabia, I got my new mobile phone?  I was upset because the men in the shops wouldn’t speak directly to me and I found that belittling and offensive.  They asked Andrew which phone I wanted and gave it to him to look at when I was the one with the money and the one that would be using the phone in the end anyway.  He passed the phones straight to me to see anyway but the men didn’t talk to me until I put myself forwards, told them which one I wanted and took my purse from my bag.

Last night I found that while they weren’t intentionally trying to offend me they were however, trying not to offend Andrew.  Apparently the custom in Saudi is that the men make the final decisions for the women on all matters.  Oh well, had I known that was the case I would have put myself forwards earlier as the money holder!

Back in Jordan now and Saudi, I have to say was an interesting experience.  I enjoyed it and am I glad I went because it’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t get again.



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