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Snow Stoppers!

on December 4, 2010

Okay so travelling back was great, we left Saudi Arabia on Tuesday at lunch time and travelled to the boarder and then on through to Aqaba and the gulf.  At one point we could see Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Egypt all at the same time!  We could see the lights of the houses from the hotel and enjoyed watching the ferries and boats coming in and out of the port from our balcony at the Inter-continental.  By the time we had got there, put our cases into the rooms and quickly freshened up we still had time to go shopping in the touristic places in Aqaba and get a fridge magnet and some postcards – which I got for free!  I went into the shop to ask how much they were and was told five for one Jordanian Dinar, when I went in to pay he said he had changed his mind and they were 1 JD each, quite affronted I put them on the counter and said I didn’t want them.  As I turned around to leave, he put them in a bag and ‘gifted’ them to me to apologise for offending me.  Should have done something similar earlier on!  We went to the Rovers Return for tea!  In Jordan, it was lovely.

The day after we drove down the dead sea coast past mount Nebo and other small monuments,  and after a four hour drive we were back in Amman, some quick shopping and a meal later and we were in bed trying to get some sleep ready for our wake-up call which was at 3.15am (UK) time! 

100_1108 100_1167

We were worried that we might have had issues with the flights from Jordan to Heathrow because of the snow, but didn’t have a single issue until we were actually sat in Heathrow when they cancelled our flights to Manchester, sent us through customs four times and offloaded all our cases, declined to put us on a different flight and instead gave Andrew the number for National Express and National Rail.  We eventually found a supervisor who was happy enough to put us on the last flight of the night to Manchester, he seemed to be the only one working, he sorted our tickets at 3pm, at 9pm he called the boarding for our flight at at 10pm he was the member of staff that boarded the flight (late).  He explained that the flight to Manchester that should have left 2 hours before ours was waiting for it’s aircraft, and that aircraft had our crew on it, he said they were putting all their eggs in one basket – my response was to tell him they’d put the bloody chicken on top! 

When we got to Manchester we had to defrost the car, inside and out!  We managed to get out of the car park at 5 to midnight, 5 minutes before they were due to start charging us extra!  We stayed at Nana and Grandad’s house for the night (and had to share a bed with one sulky puppy who had missed us!) before going to Mums yesterday, dishing out gifts and then getting on the motorway back to snowy Doncaster where we were expecting the roads to be absolutely impassable, luckily the motorways were clear and we didn’t have any problems.  It was nice to sleep in our own bed though, once we had been and bought a snow shovel and dug the drive out so we could park the car.


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