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Badminton, blisters and buying camels!

on November 30, 2010

Okay so maybe playing badminton for the first time in 2 years wasn’t a good idea, especially since its only a few months since I had my back operation.  My legs complain everytime they move – trying to straighten them out is a no go!  I have a blister that covers the entire of the bottom of my big toe, but hey, I played 3 games til the death and actually managed to score some points (granted not many but some is better than none!).

I spent most of yesterday in agony – surprisingly my back hasn’t been too bad, but my legs are starting to take the mickey now, it seems like they’ve forgotten how to work… hey ho, we went shopping anyway and since I haven’t been able to find a single fridge magnet in Saudi Arabia, I went and bought 13 pot camels – 18 in total for people at work.  They can’t say I wasn’t thinking about them.

Tea was chicken and rice from the shop that we went to on our first day and after falling asleep in the bath for an hour I crawled into bed and was asleep by ten.  That meant I was up silly early even after waking in the night.  Oh well, I have packing to do, since it’s our last day in Saudi Arabia before we set off for Jordan in a couple of hours.  Not looking forward to the snow back in the UK and desperately hoping that my car will work when we get there…


The open road back to Jordan…


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