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Shopping Spree!!

on November 28, 2010

Yesterday we went out shopping in the morning with Michelle and Duncan – Pete and Kim’s friends.  They took us to all the little shops that we had missed when we had previously been out shopping and we also went to the gold ‘souks’ – the gold shops where to my surprise I got two silver charms for my charm bracelet.  The owner – the same person that Michelle goes to regularly – was even happy to fix them onto the bracelet and clean it for free.  The two charms and the cleaning came to £15!  Keeping in custom with wanting a memento with being in Saudi one of the charms that I got was a little camel Smile 

By the time I had finished shopping we had 4 big bags all full – we’ve had to borrow an extra case off Kim and Pete for taking everything back with us.   We’re not over the weight allowance though luckily – I say luckily because we’re going shopping again this afternoon before going and playing badminton.

I’m looking forwards to getting out and playing tonight – even if I have had to take some voltoral in advance – I’ll recover in the pool tomorrow before doing some more reading for E301.  Still waiting on a response from my tutor and need to get some transcriptions of conversations (unscripted) to go with the TMA and to discuss.  2000 words to write when I get back to UK – hopefully I can do some of this before I have to go back to work next Monday – luckily it is due on the 9th Dec so I have another weekend in the middle.

GEDC0037 GEDC0062

Main high street in Tabuk.


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