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Camels and Castles

on November 26, 2010

This morning we’ve been out for a drive around Tabuk, finding some more camels – who were very co-operative in having their picture taken compared to the ones we see at the side of the road, they didn’t particularly want to have their photographs taken.  We’ve been down to see the new airport, all around the different roundabouts that we had missed with the camera’s over the past couple of days and took some photo’s.



The camels Smile

When we went into the middle of town we went up to see the old forte and as we were looking around we saw a Saudi man who knows Pete and he told us all about the castle and that he is building a tourism centre over the road, he also explained that he was building an original style mud hut like his grandfather lived in behind the office to show the difference between the old houses and the new.  I would imagine it will look brilliant when it is finished.  Pete asked if we could look around and he even said we could take as many pictures as we wanted which is exactly what we did.



These are just a few of the pictures we took, and just in case you have been wondering where Andrew was in all of these:


This afternoon we’ve been for a swim in the completely empty pool – after 4 attempts at getting in Andrew realised it wasn’t too bad and joined me.


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