My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

tired nights and long days

on November 25, 2010

I still seem to be on UK hours, have been up for four hours and I’m doing late nights so am struggling.  However we had to have a day in yesterday with Andrew getting heatstroke.  By the time I’d got to sleep at 5.40am I had have enough inspiration to write over 2000 words of the start of the prequel to my story which I am pleased with.

Last night we went and did a normal shop and then this morning we have been around all the town supermarket to get some halls soothers.  24 packets for £3 – you can’t get 2 packets for £3 in the UK so I got 2 boxes since I’ve been having a pack a day at the moment.  We’ve been in another 10 Real shop (I like these ones) and got some drawing paper, pencils and some little nick nack type thingies to bring home.  In another shop I got a big bottle of the lime and kiwi and some chewing gum.  I was rather surprised when as change I got a 1 real note and another pack of chewing gum that I asked for, Andrew thought my shock was hilarious – after laughing at me he decided to explain that not alot of places use the 50 halley coins so instead of the change they give you a pack of chewing gum to make the change up.

We’ve been around some of the other roundabouts today, it still amazes me that people navigate by roundabouts – there are no statues of people on them, instead they have things like tanks, statues of pens, there are some funny named ones.  But because of the way people shop it is actually quite easy to navigate via these roundabouts.

100_1076this is a tank on the roundabout.

jugsthis is a statue of jugs on the side of the road.

We had a lovely breakfast this morning before going shopping, and last night we had a take-out from the cafe on the compound.  Today now we are back in the compound, once the midday sun have cooled I will be going out to do some sunbathing and writing while it’s still warm and I can get a tan without the abaya.  Am off now, need to take some histop and since we have just bought 7 packs it should stop my nose running without a problem, cats or no cats.


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