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Poolside reading

on November 23, 2010

Yesterday was a nice and relaxed day, some time spent in the pool (after getting used to the freezing temperature) was followed by a lazy day meeting people in Kim’s shop before going to the high street when Pete had finished work to look for a laptop for Kim.  Not long later we were back at the house and Andrew was setting it up while Pete went and played badminton at the multi-purpose hall.

What a bargain the laptop was as well, £350 for one that in the UK cost around £750-£800!  Including a genuine copy of windows and also a free laptop case, usb mouse and headphones with an inbuilt microphone.  Can’t ask for more than that. 

The cats are okay, Freddy keeps attacking Andrew, he seems to be the jealous and needy one and doesn’t like being moved from his spot.

100_1026 Charlie


Today was a little busier, we spent some time at the pool sunbathing – Andrew was going to swim but he chickened out at the temperature, said there was a large amount of bugs on the water.  I couldn’t see them but hey, nevermind at least I had the guts to get in and swim the day before.  Andrew got to the top step of the ladder and ran back to the sun lounger instead! LOL


My tan is coming on nicely, an hour at the poolside and then some time walking around meant that I got some colour straight away.  We had some of Michelle’s homemade quiche for lunch and then stopped by the shop before dropping Michelle’s baking trays off and having our ears talked up and down.  An hour later we were back in the house getting ready to go out to the ten rats shop – kind of like the pound shops in the UK but not everything is one price, although they do sell EVERYHING! From clothes to stationary to homewares – I even got my electric chopper that I wanted for just £7.50, three bags full cost £20.08 – quite to my liking and Andrews.

I got to try a schwarma when we came home as well, its chicken that has been razored off a kebab spit, mixed with salad and wrapped in arabic bread with garlic mayo on it, mmmm, was gorgeous!  Very healthy and very filling and cost just 80p each.  Now you can’t grumble at that at all.


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