My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

High Street Haul

on November 23, 2010

Didn’t feel great this morning when I woke up, my allergies are playing up and I felt shocking.  But I got up and we went for a walk after trying to watch Harry Potter, for some reason the dvd player didn’t want to play the disc so we went to the big pool instead – at midday, needless to say we weren’t out very long due to the heat.  However, it was helping my tan no end.  We went to the shop to replace all the lime and kiwi drinks that I seem to have become addicted to in the past week since we arrived.


When we got back we both had a quick bath and then we were ready for going out, abaya on and scarf secured we went to the high street shopping.  Our first purchase was a set of four towels that Kim has brought us back in the past, they’re absolutely huge and they were 4 for £10!  From then we got Sarah a pressie, a photo frame and lots of DMC threads that I use for sewing at less than 40p a skein.  We got some Frankincense for Philipa and 2 prayer mats to bring home as well, one for on the wall and one for a rug in the spare room.


Andrew calls this my funny dress!


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