My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Jordan – Amman

on November 21, 2010

The flight landed on time in Jordan and we were quickly collecting our baggage and on our way to immigration to get our visa’s to enter the country.  10 minutes later we had passed the immigration control and were meeting Kim and Pete in the arrivals main area.  Once outside and into the car and I quickly saw the type of country Jordan is, although they have a very affluent royal family, the majority of the roads need resurfacing, the driving is absolutely terrifying with people pulling out as they feel like it, over taking on both sides and treating traffic police as though they don’t exist.  (The traffic police wear bright yellow vests and their helmets have a large silver spike on top, I immediately had the image of one putting his head forwards and charging at criminals spike first – I’m sure that doesn’t happen though, it did make me smile in any case).

Once in the Crowne Plaza hotel we went straight up to the room to drop our luggage off after spending some time parking, due to an engagement party and a wedding most were double parked.  Then we ventured into the little bar downstairs called ‘Hotshots’ where there was a live band playing and the teens at the engagement party were all on the dance floor – Kim told me they were the affluent teens apparently, all very self assured and self confident, lots of skin showing which surprised me as the culture seems to frown upon the women showing any form of skin most don’t even seem to show their eyes.

The room was gorgeous, no double bed though meant that we were in separate beds and it must be the first time we have slept apart for a long time, not something I want to repeat in a hurry.  The beds were comfy though and at 5.30 UK time we were up and out getting some breakfast in the lovely restaurant where not only was there a selection of sweet pastries and cereals, there was an omelette station and also a hot buffet.  It wasn’t long before we were all piling out of the hotel and back into the car, onto the much quieter although no safer streets of Amman.

We visited a couple of super markets before leaving Amman to pick up supplies of Weetabix and cat food, unable to get them in Saudi Arabia.  It wasn’t long before we were back on the road and heading to the nearest petrol station to top up the fuel tank where a car full of Jordanians the mother in the back with at least 4 children and the oldest boy in the front with his father wanted to know where we were travelling to and if we were visiting Petra.  After waving goodbye to them we set back off to the Saudi boarder passing signs to the Iraq boarder as well, something I wasn’t expecting to see.


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