My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Heathrow to Jordon Travelling Again

on November 21, 2010

This morning was interesting, we left the hotel at 9.30 in the morning and were back at Heathrow airport for 10.15.  With plenty of time for shopping we decided to check in early and get through security to the duty free area where we also stopped for something to eat.  After going through 4 different WHSmith’s and buying newspapers and magazines for Andrew and Pete I was surprised that with 4 shops not a single one of them had any history, genealogy, craft or sewing magazines.  In the end I got puzzle books which infuriated me on the plane. The lunch we had was lovely and by the time we had finished eating, stuffed didn’t cover how full we were.   We walked around the duty free and eventually headed for the gate as it opened at 12.2o as it was 20 minutes away.

By  the time we reached the gate area we quickly realised that we were being followed by two police officers and trainee drugs puppies.  Both spaniels were young but one was off the lead, all of a sudden the little black spaniel sniffed something out that he wanted to see, so he ran straight up to a lady who was putting her shopping away into one bag.  She was so shocked she froze and stood looking for the puppies owner.  The police man ran straight over to see what he had sniffed out, poor lady, it turned out the puppy hadn’t sniffed anything out at all, but spied a teddy bought in the toy shop for a family member and decided he wanted to play.  This was followed by fits of laughter by the police lady walking the other spaniel puppy, and of course, myself, Andrew and even the lady with the teddy cracked a smile, the dog handler was in a different mood though and shoed the puppy away in a stern voice whilst apologising more than once.

This little anecdote kept us smiling until we boarded our plane, on time again and settled into our seats.  The free blanket (which came in the case with me off the plane) and pillow were a blessing in disguise for me as 5.5 hours without a stop is a long time to sit when you have back problems.  The flight staff were great though, very efficient and friendly.  One even asked why on earth we were transiting to Saudi from Jordan.  He said he had visited once and didn’t like it because it was a dry state and he couldn’t have a drink.  Andrew explained that he had lived in the country and that it was a family visited.  A few jokes followed along with a purchase of a ‘Charlie the BMI Bear’ and some BMI fridge magnets to go with the London fridge magnet and post card that I had bought at Heathrow.

I eventually gave up with my arrow words and also on the games on the screen in the seat in front and decided to watch the map, and we just chatted.  It was no time at all before lunch had been served and we were then landing in a pitch black Jordan where the time wasn’t even mid afternoon but late evening.


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