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A different side to Saudi

on November 21, 2010

Today we went into town properly in the morning and again later on in the afternoon, we had to make sure that we avoided the prayer times as the shop owners close during these times, prayers are compulsory by the looks of things. 

In other news I went to the pool this morning and did some lengths while I was waiting for the sun to come up and for Andrew to finish what he was doing at home.  A shower later and we were in the car to town for the first time of the day to see if Matthews watch had been fixed and also to have a look at phones.  Mine at home won’t charge and someone last night showed us a copy of a Blackberry that was blue and labelled Blueberry, this morning I’ve got a red one for £50 and instead of the Blackberry that it has labelled on it I have christened it my Raspberry.

No problems at all with it, works fine and I’ve even managed to text mum and dad to let them know that we have made it into Kingdom.  Some of the staff in the phone shops snubbed me for being both white and female, when others realised I had the money to spend they couldn’t do enough to help, it is funny how women are treated over here.

Lunch time saw Andrew and i have a wonder around the compound, we went to have a look at the other pool, the gym and bowling alley and also the shopping area before walking back to the villa and going back into town to shop for a laptop for Kim.  On the way home we saw a van full of workers – they were just sat in the loading area as if they were things rather than people, some of them stood up and looked over the high sides to watch where they went but either way it didn’t look comfortable.

Once tea was out of the way and the dishes washed we sat down to watch the United Match and chill out as originally planned.


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