My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

A Day in Newcastle

on November 11, 2010

And what a wonderful day it has been, I got to meet a friend who I have never met before, see some of the town and have some lunch in a little cafe where it seems anybody who is somebody sets up business meetings.  Up until 11am we sat and talked about writing, how we met our respective husbands and many other small and probably inconsequential things, at 11am we had our 2 minute silence for the fallen and then continued to talk noting how apart from one lady who was on her own anyway, we were the only ones to stop and pause for the silence, normally mandatory in Manchester, where you would see the cars stop in the town centre and people pause for a moment before continuing about their day it was strange to see just how few people actually gave thought to the men and women who give their lives on a daily basis to keep the country safe.

On the train this morning I was sat slightly in front of and to the left of two teenage boys dressed in suits carrying large rucksacks with them, when they sat down and began to talk it turned out that although they didnt know each other they were both on their way to Scotland to take part in the armies pre selection training weekend to see if they would be successful in their application.  Trying to be as unobtrusive as possible – I had earphones on and my mp3 player playing bon jovi, I was still able to hear them talking about the programme, what they expected and what they had prepared for their interviews.  Their nervous showed through in the way they were comparing notes and saying how they were worried that if they messed up they would blow their chance of joining up completely and it reminded me very much of sitting on the train to London in 2004 travelling down the RAF Halton when I had the same fears and we (the group of us that had been thrown together on the train) compared our thoughts, previous experiences and our expectations of what it would be like.  The reality was very different from the vision.

Now I am sat on the same train going in the same direction to London Kings Cross and because I know that my destination is different I have no worries or concerns what so ever, in fact, I am happy in my life and how it is going at the moment, so much so I wouldn’t change a thing.


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