My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.


on September 25, 2010

God, is it just me or is the weather really taking a turn for the worse?  I’m freezing!  Been a good week apart from the fact that my wages have been completely and utterly messed up, I’m going back on the phones this week hopefully so I can get back in the swing of things and find some normality in my life.  Andrew’s in work at the moment so while I’ve got the house to myself I’m cooking tea and chillin’ out.  I’ve managed to do some university work and as it is at the moment I’m one week ahead on one course and two on the other.  Hopefully I can get far enough ahead that I won’t have to take too much work with me when we go out to Saudi Arabia.  I can’t believe I have four assignments within the time we’re away, and I can only submit one before I go because the others have to have student comments on them… Oh well, Chicken Curry for tea tonight 🙂 am already starving and Andrew doesn’t finish while six and the chicken’s still defrosting although the curry sauce is already done.

Am off to find a jumper, looks like winters setting in already, I think we’ve missed Autumn this year 😦


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