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Blue Fingers

on September 19, 2010

Well not too bad really, there’s definately more paint on the bathroom wall than on me for once!  I decided to start with the smallest room for decorating.  I’ve done the first coat and am just waiting for it to dry before I do the second coat, and I have to take Andrew to work as well… Am freezing today, winter is definately setting in now, I’ve had to put the heating on for the first time since moving into the house. 

Have also done this weeks menu plan, am feeling a little more optomistic now that we can get straight in the house and get decorated ready for Christmas at last – only been here since April.  Just goes to show how much a bad back can stop you doing.  Gonna try and get some of the pressies I’ve already bought wrapped up and put to one side so I don’t have to worry about them, we have the tree and some decorations but I think I’ll be buying new in a different colour scheme, I’m fed up of seeing red in this house when all my soft furnishings are cream, chocolate brown and duck egg blue… I want to do all the walls in the livingroom in a warm beige instead, it’s a very open room so it needs bringing together.


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